Features And Varieties Of Tigerwood Flooring

Are you planning to redesign the flooring of your house? Well, what about trying out something dashingly different this time? In case you are planning to make the flooring of your house highly exotic, then you can go for wooden flooring. Although this might tend to be a bit costly than concrete flooring, it is sure that the grandeur of your house would reach extreme limits. Installing tigerwood flooring would definitely turn around the entire appearance of your house in a majestic manner.

The Touch Of Tigerwood Flooring Specials

Features of Tigerwood Flooring

This superior quality of wood flooring comes mainly from Brazil and has been able to achieve a renowned position due to its durability and elegance.

  • This type of flooring is dark orange in color and even has dark vein-like markings that give the impression of the skin of a tiger.
  • The name has been derived due to this feature of the wood.
  • The flooring material even turns darker, with a deep reddish appearance when exposed to bright sunlight.


Engineered Floor Design Ideas Oscuro Tigerwood

Varieties of tigerwood materials for constructing attractive floors

There are a variety of tigerwood available that are highly used to construct flooring of mansions and other buildings.

  • The Brazilian tigerwood flooring material tends to be a highly expensive product that is not possible to afford by most of the people. However, they are one of the best quality products that are used as modern flooring pieces in large exotic mansions.
  • On the other hand, you can certainly choose an alternative tigerwood engineered flooring material since they offer a traditional feature to the entire flooring construction. You might even get nostalgic with the appearance of the flooring. Your house‚Äôs flooring will look like those of the flooring style of yesteryears, yet in an elegant fashion and attraction.


All About Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Caring for Tigerwood Flooring

Polishing wood makes them brighter and even shinier, which in turns adds elegance to their appearance. That is exactly why these items are used as flooring materials. Polishing this flooring is very easy; however, improper sawing might damage the product. Therefore, it is certainly very important to construct flooring with this product under strict guidance and expertise. Experts recommend the use of cutting tools having a carbide-tipped edge for getting best results while constructing tigerwood hardwood flooring.

Find The Best Quality Of Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

Although it had been said earlier that polishing this type of flooring material is easy, it is still highly necessary to keep the floors under strict vigilance and proper care to make them long lasting, enduring their finer shinning quality.

  • Use quality flooring cleaning solution to wipe the surface.
  • Wipe with a fine quality cotton cloth.
  • Never leave spilled water or other solutions over the surface.
  • Avoid placing rubber padded mattresses on the floor.

In addition to all of these, use light filtering glass panes on your windows that would help preventing direct sunlight to hit the same region of the floors every day. Exposing sunlight on the same spot on the tigerwood flooring materials for a considerable period might tend to make the region appear dull in color, reducing its alluring feature. Having the finest and attractive flooring will definitely make your house look elegant and beautiful.