Types Of Laminate Wood Flooring

Through the years, laminate wood flooring has dramatically changed the industry of flooring. Thanks to its unique look that resembles the appearance of hardwood; but without the hefty price tag. Because of its affordability, more and more homeowners can finally afford home renovation and there are lesser trees being cut down for wood harvesting.

Types of Laminate Wood Flooring

There are several types of laminate wood flooring that are widely used in homes these days. However, these are the varieties that are considered the most popular:

  • Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring – Mostly made from a thermoplastic core, this type of laminate flooring is hailed as man’s dream flooring. Equipped with several layers and interior channels, waterproof flooring can give an inviting spring feel to your home.

laminate wood flooring in kitchen

  • Black Laminate Wood Flooring – Elegant and rare, black laminates are not usually available in the market. Therefore, it is not really surprising if they come in relatively high prices.  This type of laminate features a low gloss and micro edges, which make it look even more sophisticated when applied into home flooring.
  • Vinyl Laminate Wood Flooring – If you like the appearance and resilience of hardwood variants like tigerwood flooring but you are running out of budget, a vinyl laminate is just the right option for you. Packed with the texture and richness of hardwood, this laminate offers a hassle-free and no-glue required installation. Most manufacturers also offer a 50-year warranty; meaning, their durability is well guaranteed.
  • Traditional Laminate Flooring – Exceptionally made from durable pine wood material, traditional laminates boast a scratch-resistant surface, easy and no-glue installation, quick drying properties, no-acclimation period requirement before and during installation, and dependable quality. Available in tan or brown color, this type of laminate is popularly seen on most houses in the Western regions.

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  • Hickory Laminate Flooring – Considered as one of the most visually appealing laminates in the market, hickory laminate features an embossed design that is very similar to that of hardwood. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, it can be installed on any type of subfloors, especially wood and concrete.

As you have seen, there are many types of laminate wood flooring that you can decide upon. From this rundown, you can now select a certain type of laminate that will match your interior, your budget, as well as your personal taste in design. So be sure to install some in your flooring and see how it can change the look of your home in a dramatic wa